DJ Raj Kotecha: All The Basics

With all the work I’ve been doing at Creative Content Agency, it’s been quite some time since I’ve created an online space where potential bookers, agents and promoters can go and get the lowdown on my DJ work. So here it is, all on one space.


Raj Kotecha has been DJing since 1998 where, as an event promoter and bedroom DJ, he initially started DJing at his own events to save money on opening DJ’s.  He fell in love with the craft after watching the established DJ’s headlining right after him in his home town of Manchester, one of the UK’s most celebrated musical cities. Addicted to house, pop, soul, funk, hip-hop, RnB and more, Raj’s sound was always eclectic, which many folks today describe as “open format”.  This can be heard in popular mixtape series Mybiza: his take on fusing all different genres together.


Mybiza: The Beach Body Mix

Mybiza: The Mixtape

Download Both Mybiza The Mixtape and Mybiza Beach Body Mix Here



Today, after a decade of performing as half of The Lovesoul DJ’s duo, Raj continues to DJ and host parties worldwide under his own name. Still as passionate a performer as ever, his career has taken him from London to LA, Mumbai, Greece, Portugal, Australia, Dubai, Prague and a host of other cities where people love dancing to all genres of music. Stand out events include several after parties for Russell Peters, the MOBO Awards (press) and London Fashion Week along with two new years eve headlining sets at The Gherkin Tower, London.

Raj approach to club events, birthdays, corporate gigs or weddings has always the same – he brings a high energy uplifting style of all-genre mixing and blending wherever he goes – tailored fully around his audience via his vast musical collection. Combined with his following on social media and his YouTube content, Raj continues to stay on the cutting edge of music and promotion and is available for bookings year round.




Free Creative Hub Masterclass Oct 2nd + 9th

Creative Hub is an EU Funded initiative designed to support and accelerate careers in the creative and entertainment industries.  From film and TV to music and media, 01 Zero One Studios are running a series of Masterclasses in the heart of Soho.

I have been asked to speak at two masterclasses, running on Thursday 2nd October and Thursday 9th October.  Both are free and include drinks / refreshments.  We’ll also get a chance to do some Q&A and have a few drinks afterwards in the networking session – I REALLY hope you can make it.  The subjects covered and the links to register are as follows.

Raj Kotecha Creative Hub Masterclass

Establishing Yourself – Thursday 2nd – Register Here

Want to break into the media industry?  With London being so competitive, it’s incredibly easy to get left on the sidelines, never meet the right people and more importantly never get the crucial experience employers are looking for. 

Success comes down to your approach, your profile and your effort.

Part one of Raj’s masterclass will focus will be on DIY / self-starting techniques to get your name out there and stand out from the crowd (Free Tickets).

Establishing Your Business – Thursday 9th – Register Here

Whilst so many people have dabbled in the media industry, it is probably as hard to keep your career momentum going as it was to start it.  Eventually many people end up bowing out as they could never build a business around their talent.  Reading the market and knowing what to offer at the right time is everything.

In part two of his masterclass, he’ll be sharing how he took the initial momentum he built as a video blogger and DJ and used it to establish a business where companies would pay for his knowledge and experience.  He’ll be talking about monitizing your talent, how the business world differs from the strictly creative world and how to keep your focus on the media services companies are looking for (Free Tickets).

The location

01Zero One Studios
Hopkins Street, Soho

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How I Built My Brand and Business Through DJing

DJ Hope Patterson has been a friend for sometime and has been one of the most proactive people when it comes to asking questions around building his brand “A Bunch of Deckheads”.  Focused heavily on DJing, events and merchandise, I sat down with Hope to get a bunch of his questions on the record so that others may benefit as well as give the new Deckheads TV YouTube channel a nice kickstart.

Covered in this video is building an email list through events, working with brands and celebrities, leveraging “free” as a business model and getting venues on board with your events.

Why I had to take ownership of the word “Hustle”

“Hustle is the most important word… ever”
Gary Vaynerchuk, Web 2.0, 2008

The word hustle impacts me as much as the word “God” or “Love” and is well bedded in the vocabulary of Silicon Valley’s tech scene.  My true fear is that it will soon filter down into the mainstream wannabe entrepreneur dictionary like “pivot”, “disruptive”, “hacking” and starting every sentence with the word “So…”.  I have to step in.  I have to take ownership of the word before someone like David Cameron uses it and makes it feel like your Gran weaving the word “twerk” into a sentence.

Need to skill up for new job application?  Hustle.  Want people to try out your new start up?  Hustle.  Trying to turn a hobby into a freelance gig?  Hustle.  No matter which way you skin it, Hustle is the most important word… Ever… and here’s what I think it means…

Raj Kotecha Hustle Defined

I hope you like it.  I made this image using  It’s another prayer the internet has answered as I suck at photoshop and always wanted something simple like this so I could communicate with words and images.  As I tinkered around with Canva these are the words that came out.

Hustle and Content Creation for Career Progress

After a few years I was invited to speak again at The University of East London.  Here’s what I knew ahead of my talk:

– The audience were 2nd year undergrads studying Journalism, Film and Video and Media
– They were generally shy when it comes to question and answer sessions
– The mood is generally pessimistic when it comes to employment

We actually had a good amount of Q&A and I genuinely these students have a very bright future ahead with all the disruption going on in their industries.

It Started With A List…

A LOT of people have helped me out in life.  I definitely hustled my ass off, but everyone that’s offered me a couch to crash on or a coffee and a chat have greatly assisted along the way and I am VERY conscious of my karmic responsibility to do the same.

However unlike many of my own mentors, a lot of stuff I have done to establish myself as an entrepreneur in peoples minds has been very public.  This could be because of the brands involved or the online platforms I’m very active on, but either way, now a lot of entrepreneurs, freelancers and hustlers want my advice, support or contacts.

The truth is I’ve hit a wall, I just can’t get time with everyone.  And so if you need time with me I just need a quick favour first.

There’s a solid chance that I have forwarded this blog post to you personally, because I want to help, but I can’t bend time and be available immediately.  What I can do however is share the things I talk to 99% of entrepreneurs about.  There are two huge advantages of doing it this way:

1) You are getting direct access to the blueprint of knowledge I have built Creative Content Agency on, straight from the source, raw and uncut, explained 1000 times better than I could do it myself from the guys I learnt it from.  This is it.  This is that goodness that makes money every single day for the clients I service.

2) When we do talk, we’ll be starting the conversation with all the basics already covered.  If you go through these resources, an hour with me will get you 10 hours of value because I won’t need to explain these strategies at an ultrabasic conceptual level, which in itself can take a long time.  We can talk specifics about what your goals are and fly from there.  It will be awesome, trust me.

Here are some the resources I talk about in the video above.  It’s only a taster list.  The further your curiosity takes you in researching these guys, the better.

Seth Godin
Gary Vaynerchuk
Timothy Ferris
Kevin Rose
Malcolm Gladwell
Tony Hsieh
Jason Fried
Guy Kawasaki (and Peg Fitzpatrick)
Joe Pulizzi
Steve Jobs
Chris Anderson
Fred Wilson

Spending a few hours going over this stuff is better than spending a few hours with me.  Rather than talk about what these concepts are in general, we can talk about what they mean to you.  I thank you in advance for helping me tremendously in taking this approach.  Enjoy, grow and kill it.

Content Marketing, Hip Hop, Steve Jobs and Tupac [Video]

Recently I was invited on to the radio show of one of my favourite people, DJ Illatek.  Some of you are aware of a radio series I did with him last year called Hip Hop Is Bread.  This year, scheduling around CCA won’t allow me to head up the show again.  So, I decided to personally go up to the station and do a full length interview with Illatek where we really cranked up the talk around content marketing and hip hop.

A lot of people have seen this video and the stand out moment that everyone has fed back has been around the Steve Jobs and Tupac point I made at 6m30sec.  However I think wether you are a brand, artist or entrepreneur there are some solid points in this video and even a reading list at the end of authors you should check out.

What do you think?  Any useful points?  My email address is at the end of the video or you can tweet me now on @RajKotecha.

Interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk for VaynerWorld

An absolute dream come true.  I came up with the idea of VaynerWorld after many a hustle chat with friend and client Sujan Shah.  The planets aligned with Gary’s new book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” coming out.  Many of you know Gary is a key thought-leader in online brand building and a personal hero who I have interview about social media, hip-hop and at the launch of Crush It (yup, that’s three).

However this was the big one.  350 people at The Business Design Centre in Angel, Islington with corporate sponsorship from Silverpop and EventBrite.  It’s nearly 90 mins of jam-packed practical social media, entrepreneurship and down-right hustle strategy.  You will not regret a second of it… and I keep it hip-hop.

My talk at SME Growth Hack: Build. Promote. Sell. Inspire.

Recently I spoke at a UK Trade and Investment event organised by Chinwag.  The topic was how to use online tools to “growth hack”.  It’s a bit of a funny Silicon Valley term that I don’t think has much of a future.  This is because is just a spit-shined definition of working smart and using what you can to establish and grow your business.

Basically, hustling.

It was a great chance to talk to a room full of entrepreneurs.  This video is a pretty good up to date background story on me and also EXACTLY covers how I have built a community around myself which has in turn allowed me to introduce people to my business interests.

The Golden Chamber Mixtape Hosted by Wu-Tang Clan

Recently, the almighty Wu-Tang Clan has ambushed conversations with everyone I have spoken to from plumbers to private equity guys.  To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their 1993 debut album Enter The Wu-Tang, I have decided to post the only mixtape hosted by all living Wu-Tang members called The Golden Chamber.  It features classic “chambers” of the Wu (the monumental records) mixed in with songs from hip-hops “golden” era.

I had the pleasure of co-producing it and curating the track list and sequencing along with my Lovesoul DJ partner Vik and DJ Fricktion who came up with the idea and worked day and night mixing the records.  To this day, it’s one of the projects I am most proud of and I’m happy to say that all Wu members loved it.

Download The Golden Chamber Mixtape Hosted by The Wu-Tang Clan on MediaFire.

Wu Tang Clan Golden Chamber Lovesoul DJ Fricktion

So in this blog post you can get the cover artwork (above), the tracklist (below), the MP3 download with 42 separated tracks and view the interviews that inspired the tape.  First up, the RZA…